Social Entrepreneurship

Drawing a social angle to the conventional for-profit model, this programme underlies how this mushrooming trend is making the world a better place today.

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Social Entrepreneurship for Youths

We let secondary school students take on the steering wheel to create their very own social enterprises from scratch.

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Social Entrepreneurship 101

Be equipped with the right tools and know-how as we share our insights and experiences of managing a social enterprise.

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What will you learn?

We introduce and expound on the notions and definitions of a social enterprise.

  • How do you do business with a heart?

  • What does it make to marry profit-making with social good?

  • How can a social enterprise help to meet the needs and gaps in society today?

  • What are some of the examples and testimonies of how social enterprises impacted lives?

Our lecturers had been profiled and are mentors and advisors for:
A social enterprise goes above and beyond to revolutionise the entire fishing industry so as to empower and create sustainable impact to the community.