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Understanding Social Entrepreneurship

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Are you interested in using your business skills to impact the world positively? A social enterprise may be the perfect avenue for you. A social enterprise is a business with a social mission and a profit motive, addressing various social issues such as poverty, hunger, and environmental concerns.


In this workshop, you will discover social enterprise fundamentals, including its definition, benefits, and how to get started. Additionally, you will learn about funding and resources that can help support social enterprises. This workshop is a great opportunity for students to learn and act on their passion.

In this programme participants will:


  1. Learn how business can be used as a force of good.

  2. Use the Business Modal Canvas for Social Impact organizations

  3. Learn how to measure the impact projects create

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Participants will be introduced to the various types of social enterprises, case studies on innovative ways to solve social problems, measuring social impact, different ways to get funding and more about being an entrepreneur of a social enterprise.

As  part of our commitment to support the environment Make The Change will offset the carbon emissions that occurred during the program

Some of the schools we worked with

  • Anderson JC

  • Yuying Secondary School

  • St. Anthony Connosian Secondary School

  • Pioneer JC

  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

  • Zhenghua Secondary School

Use Social Entrepreneurship to solve Social Problems
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