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12 Socially-Conscious Brands to Follow on Instagram

Have you ever tried to know more about a person by looking at who they follow?

Instinctively, we often choose what and who we want to see on our social media feed. It's surprising for some to zoom out and think about the content that they have been consuming continuously. Our digital footprints are as accurate as they are, arguably, scary.

The critic can argue that our own feed envelops us in a bubble of our own, but it is also good ground for us to build on what we like and believe in. There is definitely merit in surrounding yourself with the content that you want to support and care more about.

We all need some inspiration from time to time, to know that we are not the only ones who wants to make the change for the world to be a better place.

If you want to have more content on doing good and supporting social causes from Singapore and beyond, we came up with a list for you here:

1. Hello Flowers! @helloflowerssg

2. Sidai Designs @sidaidesigns

3. xHundredfold @xhundredfold

4. The Mindful Company @themindfulcompany

5. Our Better World @ourbetterworld

6. Humans of New York @humansofny

7. SG Food Rescue @sgfoodrescue

8. Thankyou @thankyouaus

9. Bamboo Straw Girl @bamboostrawgirl

10. Seastainable Co. @seastainable

11. Pottery For The Planet @potteryfortheplanet

12. The Sustainability Project @thesustainabilityproject_


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