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Make The Change's Classroom Management Workshop


The recent Classroom Management Workshop hosted by the Make The Change team was a success! It was tailored specifically for those who were eager to enhance their teaching skills. The workshop delved into crucial aspects such as vocal projection, time management, and innovative strategies for fostering positive classroom dynamics.

Key objectives

One of the standout features of the workshop was its comprehensive coverage of key areas essential for successful classroom management. Participants were guided through techniques for vocal projection, on how to modulate their voice, project with clarity and maintain appropriate volume levels, Time management strategies were also explored, where we discussed techniques such as setting clear objectives, implementing efficient transitions to create a more conducive learning classroom environment.

Teaching Demo

What truly sets this workshop apart was its focus on the nuanced art of communication and engagement in the classroom setting. Participants learned how to leverage body language, active listening, and even humor to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. This was all guided through interactive activities, insightful discussions, and practical demonstrations.

Armed with these strategies, participants left the workshop feeling empowered to manage their classrooms with confidence, fostering an environment where both students and educators thrive.


Building on the success of this workshop, we are inspired to empower educators and trainers further. Keep an eye out for upcoming events dedicated to fostering growth and learning in education!


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