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How Make The Change is Making a Positive Impact

Building Inclusion, From Inside Out 

Make The Change (MTC) is a B-Corp certified social enterprise dedicated to empowering communities through its initiatives and services. Through learning courses, we upskill persons from vulnerable communities to improve their employability, while recommending socially responsible growth and developmental solutions to businesses and institutions. We also offer integrated creative solutions to Social Service Agencies supporting a myriad of causes. We are dedicated to walking the talk at Make The Change, and strive to build an inclusive society from inside out. 

Within Make The Change

At Make The Change, we believe that everyone is inherently capable of creativity. In addition to professional skill sets, our diverse backgrounds and life experiences give us unique perspectives, paradigms, and sensitivities to the many facets of life. We implement inclusive hiring practices not just out of a desire to uplift marginalised communities but also because we recognise the value all individuals can bring to the table. 

Reduced Inequalities

Make The Change employs persons from diverse backgrounds, with 42% of our staff coming from vulnerable communities. This includes persons with disabilities, refugees from Indonesia, and staff from regional countries such as Thailand.

For staff with disabilities, we offer alternative work arrangements depending on their needs. These include flexible work hours and remote work. In cases such as our former graphic designer who is hearing-impaired, we sought ways to communicate with them such as using gestures and typing messages on a screen to ensure they felt included and could carry out their tasks effectively. 

For refugees or staff who may need it, we offer training courses and close supervision to upskill and assist them, especially in the early days of their employment. 

In order to ensure all staff feel a sense of belonging and have access to support within Make The Change, all staff are included in various WhatsApp groups for easy communication. Remote staff are also invited to office gatherings and bonding activities where possible, so they may meet and bond with their co-workers.

Beyond Make The Change

Make The Change strives to empower communities, and to help more organisations join the cause. As a Social Impact consultant, we raise awareness of the importance of uplifting vulnerable communities, and serve as a bridge to connect institutions and businesses with Social Service Agencies in need. 

Quality Education

Another key service Make The Change provides is learning programmes. While these programmes are accessible to all members of the public, we offer scholarships and tailored experiences for those from marginalised communities, so they may gain access to a brighter future.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We provide various upskilling courses to persons with disabilities and refugees, and link them up to career opportunities upon completion. We also often partner with Social Service Agencies such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore to provide training courses and offer employment opportunities to their beneficiaries to improve their livelihoods.

Please click here to watch a video testimonial of one of our graduates.


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