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From Adversity to Achievement: The Inspiring Journey of Renuka Vadivellu

In a world where challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable, stories of resilience and determination shine brightly. One such story is that of Renuka Vadivellu, whose journey of rediscovery is nothing short of inspiring.

iPad workshop at Make The Change
iPad workshop at Make The Change

Renuka's life took an unexpected turn in 2016 when she experienced severe medical complications that resulted in the amputation of her hands and lower limbs.

Renuka seized the opportunity to join Make The Change's iPad workshop. Thanks to the support of the Temasek Trust-CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund, she was able to embark on a journey of rediscovery and empowerment.

Using simple yet ingenious techniques like anchoring a pencil with a band, she proved that creativity knows no bounds. Renuka's resilience and creativity shone through as she found innovative ways to overcome obstacles.

For Renuka, the workshop was more than just a learning experience – it was a chance to rediscover the joy of creating art. Through painting mandala patterns and drawing landscapes on her iPad, she found solace and relaxation in her newfound skills.

Renuka's journey serves as a powerful reminder that resilience and determination can overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

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