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3 Ways to Appreciate Your Most Important Changemakers in Life

Digital Artwork by Make The Change

Do we ever thank people enough?

An observation relatable to Singapore and beyond, appreciation (especially to those closest to us) is often overlooked in today's world.

Bearing in mind of how we are fast approaching the end of 2018, many of us might have already met the few special people who went the extra mile to make the change for us, with us and through us.

And no matter the love language, we always have the choice to make our appreciation known to them.

Here are 3 simple (and hopefully, timely) reminders of how we can show our appreciation to those who have taken the chance to make the change in our lives today:

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

1. Make Gratitude Your Everyday Language

Be it online or offline, our prioirties shift along with the faster and faster pace of life. Our fleeting thoughts land from one to another as we scroll through a seemingly endless vault of new and newer things.

But if we take some time to step back, we will probably realise how we were first influenced and changed by many others before we end up to be where we are today.

For one, you can probably imagine how we can all be better at gratitude if we embrace it as a language. To embed thankfulness into our daily interactions, we can make it a point to let people know that we appreciate their actions, big and small.

From a real life conversation to an email for a new work associate, the effort to say or show thankfulness is a powerful movement that will truly make the world a better place.

Photo by Shu Xin on Unsplash

2. Give Your Changemaker A Token Of Appreciation

And of course, nothing says thank you like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Digitalisation made it very easy for flowers to be ordered and delivered, and it is all the more true for Singapore. You can literally have a bunch of them sent to your doorsteps within the day itself. The great thing about getting flowers is that they'll have one for every occasion (eg. weddings, store openings, birthdays).

Photo from A Better Florist

And this is not exclusive to women who like flowers. These arrangements have long evolved to be curated and designed for a larger audience. From humourous hampers such as the nuggets bouquet to the minimalistic brocoli, there is bound to be something for everyone.

For those who are thinking of giving something more, why not go for a hamper or some gift vouchers? And if you are looking at something smaller, a cup of KOI with extra toppings or a thoughtful pack of vitamin Cs are great too.

Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash​

3. Take Your Own Chance and Make The Change For Another

"If you get, give. If you learn, teach." – Maya Angelou

One of the most powerful ways to show appreciation is to continue and pass it down to the next person you get to meet. You'll never guess how a simple action on your part can make the difference in someone else's life.

And it doesn't necessarily have to be a large, dramatic one-time sacrifice. Sometimes consistency speaks louder and inspires better.

Rather than the stereotypical picture of a big nationwide movement, a changemaker usually makes the biggest change in the ordinary, daily life of another.

We can probably begin with a refreshed mindset to be open and ready to give. More often than not, the toughest part is making the choice to step out. Perhaps we will be able to find something rewarding and fulfilling for ourselves in the process as well.

Photo by Adrien King on Unsplash​

Who are your changemakers today?

As Robert Ingersoll best puts it:

"We rise by lifting others."

You probably can think of a few people who have inspired or helped you in one way or another. Why not make a conscious choice to celebrate them today? You might never know- they might be waiting for a changemaker to let them know that their actions and thoughts are appreciated.


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