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5 Reasons Why You'll Want The Krafters’ Rug In Your Room Today

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein

Birthed from hope, the Krafters’ rug has come a long way. Braid by braid, each 50cm-wide rug takes a Krafter two whole days to complete. Be it the braiding process or the sewing after that, precision and consistency are keys to creating these unique pieces.

An authentic conversation starter, the Krafters' rug is a great accessory to complete the look of every well-lived space.

As Einstein puts it, imagination wields the power for breakthroughs and innovation. Starting with #therugmovement, the Design For Good team has been brainstorming for #101waysofusingrugs with our friends.

The sky’s the limit. This is what we have gathered so far:

1. Fancy a game of darts?

Yes, a dartboard that complements your colour scheme for recreational play. One of our friends suggested having the 2kg rug mounted on the wall with a sturdy hook. Probably with a template sticker marking the scores, this might spark off as a new hobby or as an affordable de-stress alternative on stressful, draggy days.

2. Cushioned by comfort

The Krafters purchase excess fabrics from factories and weave them together to give it a new life. Not only does upcycling promote environmental sustainability, these quality fabrics are also super comfortable seat cushions on your chairs, stools and floors.

3. A treat for your special one

Sometimes we all need a tough cookie to last through the seasons. As much as our pets have been there for us, the Krafters' rug will be there for them. Made of either fleece or cotton, these giant frisbees are also pet-friendly and safe for biting.

If one of your dearest friends is a pet-lover, the Krafters' rug can be a meaningful gift idea as well.

4. Frame your life the right way

Adding a personal touch to any room, a pin board helps to frame precious moments to remember and be grateful for. A simple collage of handmade cards, photos or even movie ticket stubs on the Krafters' rug can be hung or laid against a wall.

5. Self-care is good care

The world has never moved this fast, and it will never move this slowly again. Going through the incessant big and small in life calls for the need for some time alone. Meditation or quiet time journalling can be done on the Krafters' rug.

Each representing a housewife's hope to learn new skills and move on from their past as slum-dwellers, the rug is a constant encouragement to remind us that we are not alone in the pursuit for a purposeful life.

Thank you for your support,

Together with all the #101waysofusingrugs that we have gathered, we are deeply grateful for the support given to us since the beginning of the Krafters'. Moving forward, we are now providing varying sizes for our pieces to suit varying spaces and purposes.

The Krafters' rugs are available now at

The possibilities are now endless: you can order and specify sizes ranging from 50cm to 80cm. Not only can the rug can be a worthy addition to your room, it is also a great housewarming gift for your soon-to-BTO friends and a token of appreciation for your corporate associates.

At the end of the day, the Krafters' rug is more than a rug in itself. It stands for a housewife, a family and a community fighting to be uplifted from poverty.

Poverty is often the disturbing chain weighing down painful problems such as poor sanitation, inadequate housing, lacking healthcare and unequal opportunities in education.

"I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act." – Bill Gates


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