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6 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

We can all celebrate Mother’s Day with a minimal impact to the Earth, by contributing to Sustainability. Here’s how to celebrate our lovely Moms in a sustainable manner, with some thoughtful choices that can help the environment.

Support Local

Singaporeans spend a ton of money each year on flowers for Mother’s Day to tell their Mom that they love and appreciate them. But did you know some of the flowers at your local florist or supermarket might have been sourced from as far away as Kenya, Vietnam and Ecuador?

The carbon emissions from importing flowers half way around the world to Singapore and refrigerating them isn’t helping the planet. These flowers are subject to higher use of pesticides to get through stringent Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) standards too. We can look locally and support florists that sell flowers grown in Singapore.

Opt For In-Season Flowers

Supporting Local and purchasing locally grown flowers means that you’ll be buying flowers that are in season and grown in their natural environment. They’ll last longer and look prettier. We can do our research to know which flowers in Singapore are in season, and when.

Buy in Bulk

Consider buying a potted plant, or purchasing flowers in bulk with friends and colleagues who are celebrating Mother's Day as well. The more the merrier! Plants help cool the air and reduce emissions and they look pretty good too. Excess flowers can always be donated to the nearest Senior Citizen's Home. The old folks there will be delighted to receive flowers out of the blue for sure!

"Borrow" From Your Neighbours

If you have warm or at least cordial relationships with your neighbours and they happen to grow their own flowers, it never hurts to try asking them for a bunch. Use the money saved from purchasing flowers to buy your Mom a splendid dinner! Maybe return the favour in future by sharing some of your home cooked delicacies, or running an errand for them. That's how good relationships among neighbours are formed!

Give an Eco-Friendly Gift

If you’re looking for something different this year, get your Mom a bike. It’s the gift that burns the right kind of fuel and keeps down emissions while boosting her fitness and helping her enjoy the outdoors. If your Mom isn't the outdoorsy sort of person, you can always get her an excercise bike instead, so she can work out from the comfort of home. If your budget is smaller, there’s still plenty of easy to find eco-friendly gifts; from reusable takeaway coffee cups to upcycled jewellery, the possibilities are endless.

Make Your Presence Her Present

Any parent will tell you a month of making lunches, or doing dishes, or perhaps a weekend sleep-in, is a present money can’t buy. It’s personal and usually fairly cheap. Or go on a hike with mum, and don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch.


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