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9 Keys to Consciously Use Social Marketing for Good

The global village of today is home to millennials who practically live, breathe and play connected. As digital natives, almost every youth is connected to at least 1 social media platform at any given time.

Leveraging on their personal publishing spaces such as Instagram and Facebook, this Make The Change (MTC) programme is created for youths to consciously engage and promote social awareness as active citizens.

When done right, it can grow into a powerful peer-to-peer influencing opportunity rooted in empathy and giving.

Here are 9 keys to unlocking a purposeful yielding of social media marketing for good:

1. Keep it real

The voice of your social media account should remain authentic even as you seek to advocate for a cause. How does this NGO/VWO/SE stir your heart? What makes you feel like you want to stand with them, and speak for them? Jotting that connection not only enhances your reliability, it also gives your stand authenticity. Furthermore, it is often hard to write from a persona different from your own.

2. Keep it fresh

One important note is to be aware of the big picture. Have you been posting similar posts, with the same message over and over? Social media fatigue can cause your audience to scroll past your posts without batting an eyelid. Keep it fresh by tapping on various platforms and mediums. What if the event booth is captured by boomerang or hyperlapse instead of a still picture? Can you involve other stakeholders to share their view instead of constantly airing just your own?

3. Consistency is king

Consistency might very well be the single hardest thing to do in life. Yet, it is also the biting necessity. One good question to ask yourself: "Would you still believe in the same thing that you are writing about 5 years later?" Also, don't be afraid to own your style, it helps you get momentum and people know it's you. Re-read what you wrote before posting- this self-check helps to see if you are being true to your voice, instead of highly regrettable text and sudden emotive frustrations.

4. Know who you are talking to

We often forget to be conscious of who we are talking to. Take a good look at your friends list, and try to make your thoughts relevant to at least 70-80% of the intended audience.

Where are your audience at? Are they just becoming aware of your social cause, or do they already have basic understanding? How many of them have been convinced to take the next step? Would they be willing to commit and stand alongside you in the long run? Your posting content depends on where your audience is.

5. Remember, it takes two hands to clap

The word "communication" is a Latin word that means "to share". You will want the person behind the tablet or phone to gain something from your content. Write like you are expecting to share that information with someone.

6. Less is more

If your audience is not there, you don't have to go there. Social media platforms like Instagram might be the trending spaces, but it will not do you any good if the people whom you are looking for cannot be found in that context. Also, online-offline marketing is crucial as well. Many, if not all successful social media movements have a offline-online connection ie. Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014.

7. Put your heart into it

Your target audience are people and individuals like you too. Like a dear friend, they can feel it when you are sincere about supporting a beneficiary group or advocating for environmental conservation. Being sincere would also necessitate you to be inclusive as well. Simple acts like adding captions in videos will help the deaf to understand your content, for example.

8. Try something new

It does not always have to be a tear-jerking video that resembles the moving Thai commercials. Be willing to experiment with a variety of styles, especially in moving pictures and videos. For example, local social marketing tend to be on the more emotional side, with a heart to unveil stories behind broken people. What if we produce something that is shorter, and more straightforward without compromising on the sincerity?

9. Keep calm and ask

At the end of the day, ask yourself this question: "Does this social media post further or detract me from my purpose?" If you find yourself uncertain and hesitant, perhaps you can hold the post first, and ask for other opinions.


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