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Be a Changemaker at home!

As the cases of Covid-19 continue to grow, our government has advised us to practice social distancing and refrain from going out unnecessarily. While more and more of us are staying at home to slow down the spread of the virus, the things we can do at home are slowly getting lesser. The lack of face to face social contact may cause us to slowly become disconnected and negative. Hence, as we self-isolate, use this chance to take charge of your life and become a changemaker. Here are 4 things you can do at home, as a changemaker, to make a difference and spread positivity in this dire situation.

  1. Educate yourself

Learning is lifelong! If you are unaware of what is going around the world, how can you advocate and influence others to follow your footstep? When you have the time, do some research about social issues happening around the world. Who is affected? What initiatives are implemented to tackle the issue? What can you do for the affected? Take your time to explore interests, understand problems, engage in conversation, listen to others, and gain a new perspective.

2. Build connections

Start a facebook group and gather likeminded changemakers. Look for collaborators equally as passionate about a social issue or community. Learn from each other, inspire each other, and create ideas together. As they say “two heads are better than one”, go online and build your connections. You never know, one day the connections you have would be very useful.

3. Be an advocate

In this technological era, who doesn’t use social media? We are constantly online, taking in insane amounts of information that flood our social media accounts and timelines. Instead of sharing memes all day, why not use your platform to spread awareness. Social media is a very diverse and powerful tool, use that to share about social initiatives or be a voice for the unheard communities.

Here are a few influencers that use their social media platform to speak for communities:

  1. Lilly Singh @iisuperwomanii

Singh uses her YouTube channel to spread self-love and positivity. She has created a video series #GirlLove that tackles hate between women and even partnered with Michelle Obama to promote girls’ education.

2. Tyler Oakley @tyleroakley

Oakley dedicates his birthdays to raise money for The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis support and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth, by asking his followers and fans to donate. With the support of his online family, he has raised over $500,000.

3. Sylvia Chan @sylsylno

As a person that used to battle with depression, Sylvia now uses her platform to spread awareness about mental health illnesses. She even dedicates time to visit schools to advocate about mental wellness.

4. Start your own social enterprise

Nowadays, passionate changemakers are starting their own social enterprise online. It is a powerful and free platform for you to try out your idea and serve your target community. Need feedback on how to improve your social enterprise idea? Ask away on the internet! There are so many mentors and professionals out there who are willing to give you valuable advice and guide you on your journey to becoming a social entrepreneur.

Want to start your own social enterprise but don't know how to? We have a beginner’s guide to help you!

We believe that everybody has the ability and skills to become a changemaker - to create a positive change and make a difference in the world. Challenge the status quo, broaden your perspective on social issues, don’t be afraid of failures. Take the leap of faith and try something different today as afterall, change starts from home.


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