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Cheers To Our MTC Graduates!

Make The Change (MTC) is honoured to host the graduation ceremony for her latest batch of graduates at M.A.D. school last friday evening.

Together with 11 graduates from Essential Communication Design and 16 graduates from Digital Marketing, everyone gathered together to celebrate the end of a journey and at the same time, mark the start of another fruitful one.

The CEO of Make The Change, Michelle Lim, gave her opening address to congratulate the graduates. She emphasised that the completion of the two programmes was not the end of learning, but rather the beginning.

She opines: “your success keeps us motivated”, and urges the graduating batch of PwDs to approach the team with aspiring ideas for change.

Furthermore, she highlighted that MTC will continue to keep the community together. There will definitely be challenges ahead but no one would be left alone.

Our nurturing lecturers Andy Xu and Tiziana also shared on their sentiments.

Andy concluded his journey with the current batch of students as inspiring, for the students’ consistency to pursue a better self motivates him as well. As tough as it was, his students still wanted to try and give it a shot. Tiziana looks forward to seeing her students’ future works, and she warmly welcomed opportunities to work together.

Moving forward, MTC strives to continue offering programmes for persons with disabilities (PwDs). Essential Communication and Digital Marketing will welcome their 3rd and 2nd intake respectively. Highly anticipated, the next chapter will also open up a new course for Website Management and E-commerce.

Applications are warmly welcomed at


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