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Conversation of Change with Hidekatu Shigekawa

Co-Founder of H.A.M. Creations


In this episode of Conversation of Change, we have invited Hidekatu Shigekawa. He is the director of H.A.M. Creations Pte Ltd which is an agency that specialises in Visual Merchandising and Experiential Activation. The agency is also an advocate for inclusive hiring.

The podcast explored the inclusive hiring landscape in the context for SMEs, and the misconceptions & challenges that come with it. Also included in the session is a sharing about a toolkit that Make The Change has co-created with raiSE Singapore, for raiSE, to better guide businesses in the process of inclusive hiring.

Listen to the whole conversation here:

What’s next?

Reconfiguring how we approach these challenges is thus the key to addressing these challenges. raiSE, in collaboration with Make The Change, has jointly organised an Inclusive Hiring for Business Growth Workshop to kickstart your company’s Inclusive Hiring Journey!

Find out more here.


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