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Debunking The Myth of Disability

Artwork by Make The Change

Disability is more common than we think.

The proliferation of technology enabled man to go beyond human limitations in day-to-day life, where the common man’s lack of ability has been drastically compensated by tools and machines.

The oversight of overestimating our capabilities and underestimating that of others unwittingly get to us as we forget that we, too, have our own areas of disability as well.

A pair of glasses make up for our shortsightedness. A mouse enables us to navigate freely on a computer screen.

Cars, chairs, forks, earphones, watches. These things help us to complete tasks which we were previously incapable of. They fill the void of our lack of ability.

Likewise. What would it be like if we can supply the right tools for those who require equipment that are a little different? By constant innovation, we can empower and create friendlier environments for everyone to thrive.

It has to be a myth - the thought that “disabled” people are unable to carve out their own careers. They just need a better chisel.


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