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Enabling Lives Festival: An opportunity to register for our PWD programmes

Celebrate Inclusion & Abilities

Photo Credit: SG Enable

The Enabling Lives Festival is back! A signature event organised by SG Enable, its purpose is to celebrate inclusion and abilities on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, together with disability-inclusive partners and stakeholders. From 1 to 4 December, head down to the event and join us in celebrating inclusion and abilities!

Interested in attending a course to learn more about User Interface and User Experience? In addition to all the fun activities you will be able to participate in during the festival, our programme: a course on UI/UX will also be showcased. The UI/UX Programme will equip you with a strong fundamental skill set in visual literacy, technical executions, and industry experiences. This course is targeted at aspiring UI/UX designers, with or without prior design experience, where exposure to industry workings, interaction, consultations, and hands-on assignments will fully prepare you for the interface design world.

Should you be keen, we welcome you to register for our programme during this special event!

You can also find more information about the programme as well as register your interest here.


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