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Have Guest Lectures Always Been This Cool?

What have we been designing for good these days?

Students of MTC’s Essential Communication programme recently had a visiting guest lecture conducted by M.A.D. School guru Mr Kenji.

Spanning for four hours, the guest lecture brought an alternative designing perspective to the class, giving students a platform to connect new ideas with what they have learnt so far.

Mr Kenji also touched on a macro perspective of design by elaborating on layouts. The arrangement of elements and awareness of space are keys to presenting a strong, communicative piece of artwork. In order for the artwork to be coherent and harmonious, the designer also has to take note of the relationships between these elements.

Ultimately, an artwork has to fulfill these 3 points to be functional: it must first (1) serve its purpose, (2) be easy to read and (3) is practical enough to be executed.

These valuable takeaways help to further enhance the MTC Essential Communications programme, giving students a holistic introduction into the world of design.


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