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Internship Experience - Dunearn Secondary

Dunearn Secondary

Written by Ethan, Heinrich and Ervin
from Dunearn Secondary School

From 7th of November to the 11th, we interned at Make the Change, a social enterprise that empowers the community through creative services and change maker programmes. Although it was only for a week, we did gain some experiences and takeaways.

On the first day of work to the end of the work internship, we had to familiarise myself with some apps such as Google Sheets, Google Documents. Most of which are not really used in schools that often. Since this internship was only for a week, we were not given big projects to work on. Instead, we were given work such as organising documents, reviewing slides. Other than assignments, we also got to learn more about social enterprises; how they work and what kind of impact they have on the community.

On some days, we had to work at home, which really taught me to be independent, as we are just assigned work to do at home with no one to really overlook or help me with.

The task of reviewing slides helped us acquire analytical and marketing skills through looking through the slides searching for mistakes or thinking of improvements that can be made to help make it interesting for the target audience. Additionally, through the slides, we also grasped presentation skills, as we to look through the slides and were able to see how a slide would be presented.

Other than that, since the internship was only for a short while, we did not get a substantial amount of work experience to apply what we have learnt, but it was work experience nonetheless. We managed to experience the working life schedule or something along those lines. Meeting new people through the internship was also an interesting experience, especially when they are also interns.

All in all, we had an extremely eye-opening experience, where we were exposed to many new opportunities. We acquired new skills, met new people, and gained a better understanding of how social enterprises work. Definitely would look forward to attending more internships to broaden my perspective.


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