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Internship Experience - Raffles Girls' School

Students from Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

Two students from Raffles Girls' School, Dana and Clara, recently completed a two-week internship at Make The Change, MTC, a social enterprise focused on social innovation and community engagement. Their reflections on this experience highlight the diverse and valuable skills they acquired, as well as the meaningful contributions they made to the organization.


Dana's Journey

"Lastly, I gained networking skills as I was able to interact with people from all works of life, including: social workers at Make The Change / M.A.D. School (not just Pedro, Nabilah and Ruth but also the other workers around) whom I received a lot of help from, other interns (Andrea) and the members who signed up for the workshops!"

Dana's internship at MTC was marked by a variety of tasks that spanned digital creativity and administrative precision. Her primary responsibility involved creating animations for MTC's social media posts using Canva and Procreate.

Icebreaker Game
Social Innovation Workshop - Youth For Change

Dana also played a significant role in hosting our first ever social innovation workshop as part of our newest programme Youth For Change. She facilitated icebreaker games and guided group discussions, eventually helping her group develop a prototype app focused on maintaining personal relationships. This experience not only stimulated her creativity but also fostered teamwork and problem-solving skills.


Clara's Experience

One of Clara's key focus was on graphic design, particularly designing brochures for workshops. She learned to balance creativity and functionality, ensuring the brochures were both visually appealing and easy to read. This task taught Clara valuable lessons in empathy and audience engagement.

Clara also undertook the challenging task of creating a database of elderly centers in Singapore. Despite difficulties in finding specific contacts and organizing the data, she persevered and developed a user-friendly database. This task enhanced her research and organizational skills.

"Looking through the best works by the New Media Programme's primary school students also opened my eyes to the importance of technology, and the new skills that were being learned for the future. It also gave me the chance to look at how talented they were."

Reflecting on her experience, Clara expressed gratitude for the supportive environment at MTC. She appreciated the guidance and kindness of Pedro, Ruth, and the entire team, which made her internship both enjoyable and enriching.


A Transformative Experience

Check them out at the Workshop: Drawing with Apple Pencil on iPad at Apple!

Both interns concluded their internships with a deep sense of accomplishment and growth.

Their reflections underscore the importance of internships in providing real-world experiences. The supportive environment at Make The Change enabled these young interns to explore their interests, develop new skills, and contribute meaningfully.

Overall, the two-week internship at MTC left them with lasting memories and a strengthened foundation for their future endeavors.


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