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Internship Experience - Serangoon Garden Secondary

Written by Koeby and Harshini
from Serangoon Garden Secondary School

Won’t it be highly pleasing to know that your academic skills in Math, Linguistics and Humanities could be applied to reality instead of being restricted to the realms of homework and examinations? Then what better way to end the academic year than to invest in an internship in a company titled ‘Make The Change’ (MTC)? Greetings, this is Koeby and Harshini from Serangoon Garden Secondary School and we are here to share about the voyage that we embarked on as interns of MTC.

Initially, we were briefed about the three pillars of Make The Change; Accounting, Change Agency and Social Organisations. Consequently, throughout the course of the following days, we gained insights on the thought process of planning social events and programmes. They varied from low demand, minuscule programmes to high demand, large-scale events. We worked with other schools cooperatively, targeting contrasting levels of varying problems such as mini-activities encouraging healthy psychological well-being and ambitious events advocating about the importance of fitness. Additionally, we acquired ample knowledge about social entrepreneurship and took a deep dive into one of the big pillars of Make The Change through provided lessons by professionals from the respective departments.

“Throughout this programme, I felt enlightened by the intriguing aspects of digital marketing and event planning that were introduced to us by our mentors. It is an understatement to say that it broadened our minds and enhanced our critical thinking skills. I am extremely eager for future work attachment programmes. Needless to say, it has been an exceptional experience abundant with fruitful takeaways.” ~ Koeby

“This work shadowing programme aided my understanding of giving back to society. I realized that there are a plethora of ways to embrace the underprivileged with a helping hand. It taught me skills apt for entrepreneurship and creative designing. I am keen to participate in similar work attachments in the future to further improve my literacy skills. My gratitude for being able to take part in this internship programme cannot be expressed in words.” ~ Harshini

In essence, we did not regret our decision to participate in our school’s work shadowing programme to become interns under MTC. We worked with other interns from other schools to complete our tasks. Our knowledge about digital marketing and creative designing was enhanced and there were uncountable lessons learnt that could be applied to our daily life. To conclude, we would like to thank MTC and our school for providing us with this opportunity. It has been a great time and we look forward to attending more internships in the future.

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