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Internship Experience - Zhenghua Secondary

We joined work attachment for design and marketing social enterprise from 7th November to 11th November (Monday to Friday) for one week. During this one week, we have learnt many new things from the people here and made a few new friends. We had an enjoyable week while learning about the design and marketing industry.

On the first day, we were tasked to do a google document and research on instructions on becoming an apple teacher and an MOE instructor. We listened to a talk by the co-founder and CEO of make the change company and learned about past events done by the company and learnt about what a social enterprise was and what the company does. The CEO also showed us videos of when they were in Cambodia helping people with disadvantages and living in poverty to earn some money by selling some products online made by the people, and even helping them to build a village from scratch for them to live in.

Following that, we had work from home on the next two days. We worked on the website, where they sell products the people with disadvantages and living in poverty made, we had to point out some things about how to improve the website and put it into a google document eg. how to get more people to buy the products and get more peoples recognition. We also listed out ways to reach more users on social media (IG and TikTok) to know more about the website so that they can raise their awareness to people in need around the world.

On Thursday, we did another document about the environment where we had to edit a document using some slides and add in some other extra information. Thursday was the day where all 7 of us students got to know each other more as we introduced ourselves and got to know each other and even went out together to buy lunch at Chinatown together and got each other’s number and even created a group chat to communicate with each other even after the work attachment ended.

On the last day (Friday), we did an email draft to be sent for schools to offer them to get a premium trial for a learning platform, a partner's company, as it helps with smoother education. We then went out to clarke quay central don don donki to buy some snacks and had pizza with everyone and continued the day by doing a reflection.

We will definitely remember the week as it is really precious and memorable. We have learnt a lot of things from this work attachment and will continue our journey of learning in the future !! :D goodbye my friends i hope we get to meet up and talk again one day.

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