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Introducing Edpuzzle to your school

Edpuzzle Website

Engagement you can see, results you can measure. Edpuzzle presents you opportunities to engage students in interactive assignments provided for them to participate in, and even provides instant analytics to help you differentiate your teaching and make grading effortless, allowing you to give feedback to your students instantly as well.

Furthermore, Edpuzzle provides you with ready-to-go, standards-aligned lessons created by their team of expert teachers, for you to use in lessons, and you can assign the video lessons as homework for students to run through at their own pace after introducing it in class. Afterwards, you can assess their understanding with questions in the video.

Edpuzzle also provides a Live Mode, which allows you to project a video lesson for your whole class while students answer in real time on their own devices. With Edpuzzle’s Live Mode, students are able to experience a virtual field trip through the use of a 360 video and you can focus on certain elements for a class conversation.

With Edpuzzle, you will be able to further empower your students to take an active role in their learning with the interactive video lessons provided to spark creativity and curiosity in them, enhancing your lessons meaningfully.

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