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Video Learning Practices for Educators - EdpuzzleWebinar

Last Thursday, on 2nd June 2022, Make The Change, in collaboration with Edpuzzle, hosted our first webinar about Video Learning Practices for Educators. We were honoured to have two well-known educators, Muhammad Imran Bin Hassan and Adam Hill to inspire our Educators on how to use Video Learning effectively.

With over 15 years of experience, Imran believes in the value of positioning students in the role of constructors, collaborators, designers, and communicators; and enabling educators to be leaders, collaborators, and facilitators. On the other hand, Adam Hill who is originally born in UK, has lived in Hong Kong and worked at Victoria Shanghai Academy since 2014. During that time, he has held several leadership positions including Head of Year and Innovation Lead.

In his presentation, Imran discussed how as educators, it is widely known that having a good relationship with students does directly affect one’s learning experience. In a physical class we achieve this through having conversations with students, making jokes etc. However when classes are moved online or when blended learning method is being used, this element tend to be left out.

Adam on the other hand, touched more on the topic of Flipped Learning. He introduced what is Flipped learning and the benefits of integrating it into classes. As entry level information has already been conveyed to students through video learning, the method allows educators to use class time mainly for active learning. Students will be able to engage in deeper discussions, giving full participation during physical lessons.

Through their extensive knowledge and expertise in working with students from many different levels, they shared their experiences through an engaging and interactive session.

Watch the full live recording of the session here!

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