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Make The Change is striving to achieve Net Zero 2030!

We're excited to announce that MTC will embark on the journey of achieving Net Zero by 2030!

This commitment to significant carbon reduction leading to a net zero future by 2030 is part of the most aggressive climate action effort by a constituency of businesses in the world and demonstrates true leadership in a time of severe environmental and economic unrest and uncertainty.

As a Certified B Corporation, and in the spirit of MTC's motto of "Take The Chance, Make The Change", we'll be taking the initiative to bring the fight to Climate Change, and play a part to help Sustain our planet for generations to come.

We will be brainstorming for ideas and ways that all staff of MTC and MAD School can do their part to help with this initiative, and coming up with a series of plans that we will follow. Ultimately, every little bit counts, and we may be small but our Impact sure isn't!

MTC has also assigned several staff members to a Task Force, dedicated to achieving our Net Zero 2030 aim.

Our Net Zero Task Force Team Members:

From Left to Right: Shion, Pedro, Rona, Amanda and Xiner

Moving forward, let's all do our best for the environment, and indeed Make The Change in Climate Change.

Let's Get To Zero Together!


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