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Make The Change To Be #partofthegood

A group shot of our Make The Change (MTC) crew at Festival for Good 2016

Time flies when you are having fun, they say.

Some of these people go on to say that time is not measured by the hands of a clock, but by moments.

We certainly had a few weighty, memorable moments in the past four years. Our excitement and joy gleaned from Festival For Good will certainly make it on our list.

It's the one festival put together for social enterprises in Singapore. How can we not celebrate that?

Clocking in a year on the calendar, it feels as if we were not far away from Festival for Good last year.

Our team took the chance and made the change by doubling up as postmen and postwomen, encouraging the crowd to be #partofthegood by writing their commitment towards social good and "posting" them inside gigantic and generous-looking mailboxes.

The first step is always to declare and commit, and the journey follows :)

This year, our team will be having our very own event booth prepped on the lyf@SMU.

It feels like an annual family gathering for social enterprises, a potluck party for social good.

As cliché as it sounds, it is both nerve-wrecking to be meeting fellow changemakers (potential and existing) and exciting to see what the landscape has to offer in 2017.

As iron sharpens iron, we are geared up as part of the good this 2017 :)


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