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MTC-JRS Graduation

Online Graduation Ceremony
Congratulations to MTC 2 Cohort 3 for completing the course! May this graduation not be the end of your learning journey but the start of it instead.

Over the past few years, Make The Change, in partnership with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), has been running workshops online for a few groups of refugees. The refugees involved are mostly based in Indonesia and Thailand. The cohort that just graduated from the programme is the third cohort, and the fourth cohort will be starting sometime in August.

The most recent graduating batch just had their virtual graduation ceremony on the 13th of June. Split into two groups, the batch was enrolled in Digital Skills for Businesses and Digital Skills for Design, both under the foundational level. The number of graduates is 39 and 31 respectively.

Each programme consists of 5 modules. Under Digital Skill for Business, the modules were Digital marketing, Social Media marketing, Essential Visual Communication for Marketers, Content Curation with Existing App, and Module Recap Summary. Digital Skills for Design on the hand covered Visual Communication and Typography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Copywriting (English), and Portfolio Building.

The main objective of the programmes is to allow the refugees to up-skill themselves. They then will be exposed to opportunities to work on projects that are done remotely. Moving forward, MTC aims to include these refugees as freelance talents on our inclusive hiring portal, Younite.


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