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Our classes are going online!

As announced by our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, starting from Wednesday, April 8, all schools and institutes of higher learning will shift to full home-based learning due to the rising numbers of Covid-19. However, with the health and safety of our PWD students as our first priority, we have already commenced our first online learning class on 4th April.

With our PWD classes consisting of students with multiple disabilities (cerebral palsy, deaf, autistic, visually handicap), we tried out different online platforms like Google Classroom, Google Meet and Zoom to better facilitate home based learning classes for our students. These platforms have served as a great help in ensuring that the class ran smoothly, without any disruption.

Even in this trying period, our PWD students have been a great sport by actively participating in the online class. With the help of technology, they can continue to work hard towards achieving their dreams while empowering themselves and each other.

We are thankful to be in an era of advanced technology where everything is accessible online. Work can be done at home and lessons can be conducted online. So in this difficult time, let’s all play our part to be responsible citizens and stay at home.


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