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Playful Portrait - Creating GIFs with Keynote

Our Make The Change team attended the Art Lab: Playful Portraits session from Today at Apple.

During the session, we were taught how to turn a portrait into amazing fun GIFs using the Apple Creative tool Keynote.

As frequent users of Keynote, it came as a surprise for us when we realised there was much more to Keynote than just creating a presentation. Within the 1-hour session, the Apple Creative specialists were able to succinctly cover many useful functions such as instant alpha, drawing tool, and more! Who would have known that we can remove the background of a photo with just a simple touch of our fingers or the Apple Pencil!

We had a lot of fun experimenting with different shapes, colours, and designs while creating our ‘playful portraits’. The possibilities are endless while using the iPad.

You can attend the upcoming sessions that are hosted on alternative Thursdays from 3 - 4 pm.

The upcoming sessions will be on:

16 July

30 July

13 August

27 August

You can register on our iPad For Learning website (

iPadforLearning is our latest community programme that is an online Professional Learning Community designed for educators in Singapore to get lesson ideas that meaningfully integrate the use of SLS with powerful learning tools on iPad, share their own best practices, and positive impact of teaching and learning in an iPad learning environment.

In Make The Change, we believe that learning is a lifelong endeavour and a two-way street. Being able to attend this workshop has truly humbled our perspectives as learners and as educators. This gratuitous opportunity has taught us that as educators, we can still strive to improve and progress.

There are always new workshops at iPad For Learning so feel free to subscribe and join the community ( to be updated on upcoming sessions.

We are motivated to continue seeking for self-growth and self-improvement. With this new set of skills, we believe learning can be made much more fun, interactive, and engaging.

We run similar workshops in schools so if you want your students to learn how to create GIFs, we have a programme called Digital Arts For All where we teach students about media and digital literacy through an interactive medium: digital arts.


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