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The MTC Spotlight: GobblerShop

For the month of July, the MTC spotlight is shining on GobblerShop!

A dear partner, GobblerShop has been liaising with us to engage our first intake of graduates in Essential Communication Design. With their employment opportunities, our graduates were able to venture out into the marketplace and put what they have learnt in class into good use.

A nimble problem-solver with a heart for social change, GobblerShop bridges the practical gap of costly living expenses. Let's hear what they have been gobbling up these days.

Q1. First and foremost, tell us a little more about GobblerShop! How do you guys make the change?

Our Social mission is to change the lives of low-income single parents through groceries and retail. We work with corporate partners to raise awareness of the struggles of low-income single parents and at the same raise grocery hampers as financial aid to our beneficiaries. For every grocery hamper donated by a customer, GobblerShop will sponsor half of hamper cost towards a single parent beneficiary.

Q2. What made you open the door to welcome PwDs on board?

We believe every human being, who may be disabled, underprivileged or marginalised should have the ability to showcase their talents and gifts and at the same time, earn a living. GobblerShop believes in helping such individuals identify and harness their abilities to gain self-confidence and meaning in their lives.

Q3. Were there any considerations or thoughts that challenged this move?

Our considerations were about work processes. As the company has set them in place over the years, perhaps further thought needs to be put in for a comprehensive structure towards the employment of PwDs.

Another considerations are human-resource related, like whether our full-time staffs have the right mindset and skills to manage the beneficiaries as they might have different needs and sensitivities.

Q4. How has the collaboration been so far?

Collaboration with Make The Change has been meaningful and we have been providing several jobs to PWDs.

Q5. Tell us more about some of the interesting or memorable incidents that happened in this project!

I think what was memorable was the time when we went down to MDAS office for the training of the students regarding the tasks that we would like them to work on. They inspire us with their passion to learn and their independence despite their disabilities. It was indeed a very pleasant experience to work alongside with these PWDs as they proved to be very trustworthy and accountable in their timeline and delivering quality work.


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