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What Can Social Enterprises Learn From Marketing Guru Seth Godin?

Adding on to how Seth Godin would launch a new business with $1000 and 90 days, a well-written article on medium, What can a social enterprise learn from Seth Godin- the marketing guru of the digital age?

The social enterprise is born to be double crowned in sustainability- socially and financially. What can we learn from the business marketplace today that will help us in this two-fold storytelling?

Empathy is fast becoming the key way in which a business approaches its consumer, as the seemingly flippant world increasingly craves for authenticity, deeper connections and a sense of belonging.

As an American author, entrepreneur and blogger, Seth Godin has been constantly reviewing and sharing on the marketing of ideas in the digital age.

Here are some of our thoughts on how his thinking resonate with ours:

He says: "Market WITH people, not AT them. Your customers are human beings, just like you."

We say: True, the outdated way of shoving products and services in your customer’s face doesn’t quite work anymore. Talking to your consumer like he or she is your intelligent friend will definitely be much more effective.

At MTC, we believe in the power of the first follower. Building genuine, lasting relationships helps us to make friends who believe in what we do. They stand with us and share our impact with their friends. Until today, we are thankful that many of our clients engaged us in marketing and branding projects because of referrals and the word of mouth.

He says: "Focus on the smallest audience possible. You can always expand later."

We say: Agree. A natural process, believing and investing in your first follower will help you to focus and be sensitive to his or her consumer journey. If you are able to tune into the smallest details and address the individual's pain points accurately, chances are that you would be able to do the same for others.

He says: "Create a remarkable product. If your first 10 customers spread the word about it, you have a winner. If not, collect feedback and start again."

We say: Having two goals doesn’t mean you should ever compromise on quality. For us, we have projects with both corporates and social service organisations alike.

A common myth, social enterprises are sometimes thought to be sub-standard because of their “charity” or social cause for good. Contrary to that, social entrepreneurship often begins from a heart to resolve existing issues and answer the brief directly.

Trust is arguably the lifeblood of any organisation today, and Rome was definitely not built in a day.

He says: "Create an abundance of confidence. Give away a huge amount of value for free so people trust you in return."

We say: MTC’s give back programme is aligned with this thought. Every quarter of the year, we offer a social enterprise, VWO or NGO free creative services to cheer them on while bringing them closer to their social goals.

These creative services can be event collaterals, development of corporate collaterals, videography, photography and brand Identity.

Social service organisations are welcome to apply at:

He says: "Make a spinner and spin the wheel. There will never be a perfect time to do anything: do something and stick to it."

We say: Yeap. Our fourth year running this year, MTC has been sticking to our goal of bridging the gap and helping the social service sector tell their stories in an impactful, authentic and memorable way. Be it content creation, marketing plans, website development or print design, we see ourselves doing a part for the better world.

The pessimist can stay and sulk and argue that nothing is possible, but we choose to see the glass half full. After all, we rise by lifting others.

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