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What Is It Like to Be A Partner of Design For Good?

Eight months into our journey with the Krafters’, Design For Good (DFG) has been constantly looking for better ways to understand the ground, improve and strengthen the collaboration. Seeing how the Krafters is developing their existing skills into sustainable businesses, the DFG team in Singapore is heartened to strive on further in the future.

Moving forward, our marketplace is looking to welcome more local partners on board to expand on our capacity to design, for good. Showcasing how collaboration can be meaningful between artists, designers and communities-in-need, our heart has always been to alleviate poverty in three areas: the heart, mind and hands.

Transforming the receiver into the giver, here are 3 things communities-in-need can expect when they work with us:

1. Community of passionate designers

Leveraging on Make The Change (MTC)’s existing network of industry practitioners, students, volunteers and lecturers in the design industry, our DFG partner can receive valuable insights on storytelling, marketing and product visuals.

What are the existing talents of the beneficiary? What raises the perceived value of his/her product? Where can we improve on product quality for the end user? How can we best tell the story in the most impactful, respectful and meaningful way?

These are the challenges that our DFG community want to take on, to help social service organisations such as charities add a competitive edge to their products in the marketplace.

2. Commitment to grow together

Design for Good is designed with a purpose. Both financial and social goals are embedded into our short and long term plans, and we are committed to grow with our partners throughout the journey. As we all know, growth usually happens outside the comfort zone and we are constantly preparing ourselves to go beyond the parameters for change.

By putting our heads and hearts together, we work on facilitating opportunities to bring the people we know, the ideas we are inspired by and the passion within us to encourage our partners to continue fighting the good fight.

3. Transparency and accountability

In most, if not all cases, trust is the lifeblood of an organisation or partnership. On a business-to-business (b2b) level, Design For Good helps to craft out effective business solutions for communities-in-need. Believing that we exist to exit, we look forward to seeing our partners stepping up to own the entire project at the end of the day. It is then when we can exit to help other organisations with their problems.

With a transparent profit-sharing model, we are accountable to nurture and develop ideas in the initial and executional stages, and strive to see the project bloom in sustainability.

One by one, we can connect and bridge existing projects in the social service sector together to foster an ecosystem to design, for good.


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