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Why Social Entrepreneurship for Secondary Schools?

When did you first hear about social entrepreneurship?

Many of us didn't hear about the concept of social businesses until we were in Junior College, Polytechnic or University. As much as this idea has been gaining traction in the recent years, you probably know that there is still a large number of people who are not quite familiar with the term yet.

For our younger generation however, social entrepreneurship might just become an integral part of how they view the world in the future.

In our past 5 years, Make The Change (MTC) has been working with numerous secondary schools. Our most recent one is with St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School.

Taking the cohort of secondary 2 students, we were heartened to see how our young minds all have their own ideas to make the world a better place.

As students use what they have and know, they identified the social enterprise model of their choice and matched it with the social cause they feel for. After crafting a business proposal, teams make their way to do an elevator pitch to the trainers, and top teams of each class get the chance to showcase their plan to the rest of their peers.

Beyond winning the final pitch, we really treasure the process in which the teams took to think about Singapore's social issues to build up a creative solution that is both financially and socially sustainable.

It was definitely a fun learning experience for us as well, the MTC team is looking forward to more workshops like this in the future!


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