Primary and Secondary Schools

A group of students who attended the offline workshop taking a group picture

We work closely with secondary schools to empower youths with seminars and interactive workshops. Our interactive programmes are based on actual case studies, and projects are implemented in real life. We also offer internships for secondary school students to learn about working in a social enterprise.

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Participants will get to learn about the framework of design thinking and how this approach can evoke fresh perspectives and insights for the designer.

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This programme will empower your students to learn how they can use Apple Technologies to create content. 

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Digital Drawing is a powerful medium of communication for individuals to express themselves and connect with others.

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DFG Youth Competition

A yearly event that encourages secondary school students to use their creativity, arts and design to address a social cause given by a local NGO.


Start with social entrepreneurship career with us!


A community photography project steered to equip youths with proficient photography and photo voicing skills.

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We introduce and expound on the notions and definitions of a social enterprise.

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This programme is created for youths to consciously engage and promote social awareness as active citizens, leveraging on their personal publishing spaces.

Youth Changemaker Camp-01.png

Lean about the Sustainable Development Goals and how to apply them

Video Storytelling-01.png

This programme will empower participants to lean how they can use videography to create a positive impact in society.

We aim to equip students with skills in Design Thinking, Business Planning, and Enhancement of Web-User Experiences through this programme.

Photo Storytelling-01.png

This programme is will empower participants to learn how they can use storytelling to make an impact


Lean about Media Literacy and the fundamentals of Being Safe Online


We aim to equip students with skills in Design Thinking, Business Planning, and Enhancement of Web-User Experiences through this programme.



A group of students from Yuying Secondary School won the bronze award in a nationwide service learning competition organized by People's Association Youth Movement. Our school engaged Make The Change for the school's Social Entrepreneurship programme. In the delivery of the programme,

they are very dynamic, unconventional and yet realistic in guiding our students to build their entrepreneurship ideas and opening up possibilities for them. A very inspiring and responsible team to work with!

Mrs Sin-Kok Chuan Tin
Year Head / Upper Sec
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