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Have You Ever Thought of The Caregiver?

I can't say this for everyone, but when i look or think of the individuals less fortunate than me, i see how they look, what they do. What they cannot do. I think about how it feels, to be in their shoes.

I think about what it feels like to be them. But i rarely thought of the support circle behind this one person. I hardly glance at the person pushing the wheelchair.

Have you ever thought of the caregiver?

What do you think being a caregiver feels like? What caregivers do, what caregivers cannot do. How do they look. What does it feel like, to be the main supply meeting demands that come, one after another?

How the caregiver feel, when she accidentally snaps after a long day at work? How does the caregiver feel, when he repeats the same instruction over and over again only to see the same mess at home everyday?

Maybe the caregiver has to be stronger than the care given. Maybe the caregiver has to look further than the care given, and maybe the caregiver has to be cared first before the care given.

In DesignForGood (DFG) 2017, we are calling out the whole community behind disability. The beneficiaries, the caregivers, the government sector, the social enterprise. The whole ecosystem.


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