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Instagram feeds to relax your mind and inspire you

Sometimes life gets overwhelming and one of the go-to sources of chilling out is to scroll through social media. If you're wondering how that can decompress, the simple explanation is to customise your feed.

There’s actually a good side to Instagram and we’re eager to show you some accounts that help you calm your mind and unwind.

“The videos bring us into the creative process, which is an inherently intimate process. It feels like we are getting a secret peek in on a creative experience.” said Psychologist Dr. Ben Michaelis, who specialises in creativity, happiness and mental health, notes that these videos also appeal to broad audiences because of their accessibility.

“They allow people to feel like they can do these activities.”

Paint Mixing

Professional painter Annette Labedzki shares pictures of her work on Instagram, which includes her famous paint mixing videos.

Oil Painting

Alexandra Velichko’s focus is on oil paints, where she combines classic music and gorgeous seascapes to create relaxing videos.

Kinetic Sand

One of the most satisfying ASMR clips on Instagram is the appealing fun of cutting kinetic sand, which is a special craft sand that contains silicone oil and makes it moldable.

Inner Barista

It’s quite serene to watch milk gently swirl and ice clink into a glass. And who doesn’t appreciate a good cup of coffee?

Mirror Glazed Cakes

Did you ever think about how soothing it is to watch the pouring of a mirror glaze? Olga Noskova’s designs have inspired bakers everywhere and when the polished cake is complete, it’s obvious why.


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