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Overseas Work Experience at Make The Change — Internship stories — Rachael, Hong Kong

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Rachael is a shy yet bubbly individual with an ever learning mindset. She was given the opportunity to come to Singapore last year with a youth organisation and she decided to wrap up her journey in Singapore with an internship with Make The Change. Drawn to our company’s vision and mission, it prompted her to intern with us to learn more about our operations.

During her 1-month internship in June, she was responsible for account management and business development, closely working with our digital marketing team. Under the guidance of her supervisor, she learnt how to prospect and generate leads, as well as assist in generating monthly social media reports for our clients. Rachael mentioned that she was able to acquire new knowledge in terms of SEO and client prospecting strategy, which were relatively new to her before she joined MTC.

She was also able to pick up some tactics in effective leads prospecting and measurement in social impact through MTC’s daily team meeting and participating in online webinars, which have been on a rise due to the Covid-19 situation.

1 month has passed quickly and Rachael is now well on her way back to Hong Kong. We are grateful for her enthusiastic spirit and receptiveness to learning new things! We hope that this internship experience has positively impacted her future career choices and we wish her all the best for her endeavours.

If you are looking to experience working in the social sector, we welcome you to join our team! Click here for more information about our internship opportunities.

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