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What Happened At Our Award Ceremony for MTC Design For Good Youth Competition'18

Last Friday, we just had our award ceremony for MTC Design For Good Youth Competition 2018!

Having invited all our finalists, we were happy to finally meet them altogether for our winners' workshop. Even as we didn't manage to meet every single one of our finalists, we were heartened to know more about the finalists who came :)

Putting up the artworks, our winners also got to see their shortlisted artworks in the exhibition space before the workshop started.

We had our opening sharing by Make The Change's CEO, Ms Michelle Lim, who connected the finalists with why we do what we do. We believe that design can empower and transform lives.

Mr Han from Media Literacy Council took the stage later to elaborate more on media literacy, and encouraged the participants to send their ideas for the Better Internet x Youth Call-for-Proposals.

At the heart of this nationwide design competition, we want to tap on the creativity of our participants to internalise information on a social cause before expressing their ideas on the canvas. This is where our last speaker, Mr Kenji Choo, came in to share how design and visual literacy can make a difference in expressing the intended message.

We believe that the process is just as (if not more) important than the end, for it is the journey in which our young people get to understand and find out more about media literacy.

Their interpretation for "Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind" opens up to a variety of drawing styles, colouring techniques and messaging.

Out of the 150+ entries that we have received this year, our top 5 finalists are:

Best Craftsmanship Award

Tay Jo-Ren

Most Creative Award

Zhang Tianhui

Most Creative Award

Li Xin Rui

Judges' Choice

Lance Capistrano

Judges' Choice

Yap Yi Xin


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