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School Holidays at Make The Change — Internship Stories — Gladys and Xin Hui - Zhenghua Secondary Sc

Hello! We are Gladys and Xin Hui from Zhenghua Secondary School. We took part in the one-week internship at Make The Change during the November Holidays.

Our goal is to understand more about what social enterprise is about. We also want to gain skills such as marketing, creative services, advertising, and designing. We also wanted to get a glimpse into the insights of the Co-founder/Manager, Mr. Pedro Aguirre.

During these few days, we attended meetings with different clients of different needs. During the meeting, we also contributed out opinions and ideas to the clients. We learned that we should be fully prepared with resources and answers to the questions they will likely ask. We should also research on the client’s company on what they do and their needs. By doing this, we can show that we are confident and can handle their needs well, then they will trust us and would be willing to work and cooperate with us.

We learned how to draw using an Apple pencil on an iPad. We had to familiarise ourselves with the tools and functions in the app, Procreate, as we are going to be assisting the team in carrying out the workshop for the children later on.

The workshop is for primary and secondary school students in low-income families. We taught them how to use the app and draw using an Apple pencil. This created an opportunity for them to be exposed to such technology. We had fun interacting with the children at the community center and also helped to untangle their doubts.

We took photos of the graduates during the PWDs Graduation Ceremony using a digital camera. We also learned how to use a digital camera in different lighting, then adjusting to its appropriate setting. We helped to edit the pictures taken during the Graduation Ceremony using the app, Lightroom. We were taught how to edit photos using different types of settings.

We researched the different types of packaging and their prices on various websites to assist us with our task. We found the average price of each different type of packaging and can then suggest a suitable price range for the clients to sell their products in Singapore.

We are very fortunate to be able to be mentored by the team. They were very helpful and approachable which made us feel comfortable. We really appreciate their efforts in guiding us throughout our internship journey.

Make The Change is really impressive as they are very hardworking and diligent in their work. They put in the finest effort to help guide their clients to a favorable outcome. Make The Change all share a common principle in giving back to the society which includes maximizing social impacts like upgrading their skills which could be useful in the different aspects of the workforce and would be easier for them to find a job.


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